Dale Street Methodist Church

Leamington Spa

Coming Soon

(a complete Calendar can be seen here)

We extend a hearty welcome to everyone and look forward to meeting you at our lively programme of events for the first part of 2018. Where possible, times are shown.

 July 2018




Saturday 14th 

in the Hall


Swing it St Swithin!
A fun entertainment of songs and sketches about the weather. 
Relax with strawberries and cream and reflect about the next forty days.    

for Action for Children   

Sunday 29th



A farewell service for Andy Laird.

September 2018




Sunday 2nd

at Kenilworth


A welcome service for our new presbyter, Jeongsook Kim.

October 2018




Saturday 13th



 A Pudding Club event hosted by the Action for Children Support Group.