Dale Street Methodist Church

Leamington Spa

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(a complete Calendar can be seen here)

We extend a hearty welcome to everyone and look forward to meeting you at our lively programme of events for the rest of 2017 and into 2018. Where possible, times are shown.





Saturday 28th

- 11am


Active Bible Stories.  Jemima Strain will trial two sessions of this exciting new initiative, involving Pilates and yoga-style movement to tell stories from the Bible. Although intended for primary school children, Jemima believes that everyone will benefit!





Sunday 19th 



Annual gift and shoebox service.
This is our Parade and All Age Worship event, when people bring lots of decorated shoe boxes full of exciting items – a sort of modern Christmas stocking – and also gifts to be distributed locally. Please look at Archive November 2015 if you want to know more about this joyful service. If you are new to the area, this is a good opportunity to meet us.
To find out more, 
visit samaritans-purse.org.uk/occ

Saturday 25th



200 years of Methodism in Leamington Spa event: Peter Mills returns to us from Oban to talk about the history of Methodism in Leamington from 1817 to the present day. Supper will be provided. (Peter will preach at morning service on the 26th November at 10.30am). 





Saturday 2nd 


- 5pm


Midlands Early Music Forum workshop for singers and all instruments (pitch 440). Christmas music by Praetorius, Gabrieli and others for 1, 2 and 3 choirs. This is a MEMF event but open to non-members. Cost is £19 and students are free. Please book by 18th November from Noreen Trusselle, 34 Hazelmere Road, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8HZ.  Cheques are payable to MEMF. 

Saturday 9th 



Choral concert: male voice singing by the Royal Naval Association Choir. 

Sunday 10th



Christingle! Our much-loved orange-fest for families, with the Christingle story, ribbons, sweeties and candles. This is a very popular community event. 

Wednesday 13th



Action for Children Support Group: And glory shone around this entertaining Christmas event features the well-known local musicians, Immanuel’s Ground, who will include some of the music that was played 200 years ago.

Saturday 16th 

- 4.45pm


Simply Carols       Anybody is welcome to drop in and sing carols in a friendly, informal atmosphere, to sip tea and munch a mince pie.  Feel free to come and go whenever you want.  

Sunday 17th



Dale Street’s festival of carols and readings: Your chance to hear the whole Christmas story and to sing your hearts out!

January 2018




Friday 19th
Saturday 20th



The Greatest Show on Earth, by Michael Kirkup and Derek Hobbs. This is a hugely tuneful musical production of the Christmas story set in the context of a circus. Don’t miss it whatever you do. There will be a matinee performance on Saturday afternoon. It will also remind you that Christmas does not finish on Boxing Day!