Dale Street Methodist Church

Leamington Spa

Coming Soon

(a complete Calendar can be seen here)

We extend a hearty welcome to everyone and look forward to meeting you at our lively programme of events for the first part of 2018. Where possible, times are shown.

 February 2018




 Saturday 3rd



Play and Praise for children up to the age of eight and their families. Activities, fun, a story and food – this lively afternoon is open to everyone.

 March 2018




 Saturday 3rd



Family Beetle Drive, a repeat of last year’s successful event in which we move round the tables as we complete our beetles to the roll of the dice. A fish and chips meal is served!   This is an Action for Children support group event open to everyone.

Thursday 15th



Sacred and Secular – a concert given by Divertimento. It includes a wide variety of music some of which in the second half leads up to Holy Week. In the first half, enjoy Tom Cunningham’s entertaining settings of Alexander McCall Smith’s verses in Scotland at Night

Maundy Thursday 29th



Hot Cross Bun Event. Following the success of last year’s event when we handed out 200 buttered buns in 45 minutes, we are hoping to be able to extend the Hot Cross Buns Giveaway to commuters at Leamington Station.    

 April 2018




 Saturday 28th



A Concert in aid of the Mayor’s charity by the Circle Singers of Leamington Spa.