Dale Street Methodist Church

Leamington Spa

A Prayer Page

hands1Prayer is at the centre of our worship.

Together we express our hopes for the world and for wisdom among our leaders.

We support our community of Leamington, praying for the homeless, for children, and for anyone in need.

We pray together for anyone known to us.

The Prayer Book

The Prayer Book is found during the week in the community room. Anyone who wishes writes requests for prayer at our Sunday service. This includes visitors and members of any group using the church.

Our prayer chain

Anyone who needs the prayers of others can send a request by email,
text 07447PRAYER, or phone 07447 772937.
The request is then circulated throughout the prayer chain of some 40 people.

If you wish your name to be added to the prayer chain so that you can pray for others, please send a message.

In times of disaster

When people are likely to be seriously affected by exceptional events locally, nationally or in the world, a prominently-displayed A-board will announce the opening of the church for prayer.


June: Saying thank you to God for his presence in our lives

Father God, Thank you for walking with us.

At times our minds are busy and full, and we are tired and distracted. The simple things become harder and we worry more. Thank you that whether the things that cause this are big or small, they matter to you because they matter to us.

Thank you for putting friends and family beside us or strangers to help, and we ask that we are not too proud to accept their help.

Thank you that you do not wait for us to pray but take every opportunity we give you to share our load and comfort us. You know what it is like to be human in Jesus who came to meet us where we are. You know what we need before we ask.

Thank you for having faith in us and upholding us every day, for loving each of us as your child. Help us to have faith in you too, to let you guide us when we struggle and use us for those who also need our help.


Neil Bowker