Dale Street Methodist Church

Leamington Spa

A Prayer Page

hands1Prayer is at the centre of our worship.

Together we express our hopes for the world and for wisdom among our leaders.

We support our community of Leamington, praying for the homeless, for children, and for anyone in need.

We pray together for anyone known to us.

‘I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord’ (Romans 8: 37-39)

We are going to be separated from one another, physically, for a while now, in what will be a difficult and unsettling time for many, perhaps worse for some.   One of the most regular refrains through the whole of scripture is ‘Be not afraid.’   Often we sail through life without fear.  But suddenly we find ourselves in troubling times, all the more so because they have come on us like a thief in the night.  But God recognises our fears.  And those are words not of rebuke, but of comfort.

The Bible also reminds us that we walk in a dark valley.  Most of the time, it somehow seems hypothetical.  Except now, the valley is casting a deeper shadow.  But it’s a universal experience, and if we are encouraged to be not afraid, it’s not because we’re promised an escape from this valley, but rather because we have assurance that God is always with us, and will uphold us through the time of trial.

So as we pray for each other and support each other, let’s do our stuttering best to feel the presence of God and to be not afraid.  And keep in mind that ‘in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.’ (Romans 8: 36)

 The Prayer Book

The Prayer Book is found during the week in the community room. Anyone who wishes writes requests for prayer at our Sunday service. This includes visitors and members of any group using the church.

Our prayer chain

Anyone who needs the prayers of others can send a request by email,
text 07447PRAYER, or phone 07447 772937.
The request is then circulated throughout the prayer chain of some 40 people.

If you wish your name to be added to the prayer chain so that you can pray for others, please send a message.

In times of disaster

When people are likely to be seriously affected by exceptional events locally, nationally or in the world, a prominently-displayed A-board will announce the opening of the church for prayer.


April: A prayer for our uncertain times

Almighty, loving Lord                                                                                         
As the wild fires burn,                                 
As the rains come down,                                                                          
We wait.

We wait and we pray pray                                                                                For those whose homes and businesses                                           
Have been overwhelmed.                                                                                  We pray it will not be us next.

As the virus spreads                                                                
And the cases rise                                                                                                We wait

We wait and we pray                                                                                          For those whose lives and businesses     
Have been overwhelmed.                                                                                  We pray it will not be us next.

We wait, we pray                                                                                                And we praise you Lord;                                                                                    For your unending mercy and love,               
For all that you have done for us,                                                                    Even to death on the cross.

We wait, we pray, we praise                                                                            And we trust you Lord                                                                                        In your unknowable wisdom and power.

We trust that as our buildings close                                                    
Your church moves out, 
Out from the upper room.

We wait, we pray, we praise, we trust                                                 
And we act in your name.                                                                                  Put in front of us your tasks, 
Your children, your creation.

Give us your mercy and love, 
Your wisdom and power.                                                                                  Send us your spirit Lord, 
Let it be us now                                                                                        
That serve you today.


Jill Lloyd