Dale Street Methodist Church

Leamington Spa


We've resumed weekly morning worship in our building on Sundays at 10.30am. 

You are most welcome to join us, but first, please read our guide on what to expect and watch this short reminder video .


Our detailed COVID-19 risk assessment has been reviewed before re-opening for worship.


You can access recent worship on our YouTube channel, and other forms of worship.

The Preaching Plan for our Circuit can be seen on the
Circuit Website.

Our Minister’s Letter for June

If the slow return to some form of normality holds, and we are not told to suddenly ‘go back to square one’ (as so often happens when you play ‘Snakes and Ladders’), it is at last valid to ask, “What will happen after Covid?”

A recent survey has found that a third of us think that society may never go back to the old ways, a third of us think we will go back to exactly as we were before, and a third of us think that we will be keener than ever to stay together. The choice is yours! 


If we look at the first option, we are immediately faced with the question, ‘Are we capable of changing the way we act in our lives and our attitudes to others in our daily lives – and in our Christian lives as well?’  I am reminded of ‘the marching ants’ who simply follow each other until they die one by one! The explanation is that the leaders of the marching ants were following a trail until they lost their way and ended up going round in a circle in an attempt to locate the ‘trail’. The result was that the ants followed each other and went round in a circle until they died!  Although we often of think of ants as being quite clever, the leaders of the marching ants were unable to change direction simply because they do not have the ability to reason logically. Are we ants or humans?


The “Together Coalition” has been working for the past year on a piece of research to track down just what has happened to communities during lock down. The research has found that ‘people feel a stronger sense of connection to their neighbours and community. The researchers found a clear public appetite for a society in which we are more connected to each other, and the community spirit of 2020 is kept alive.’


We are in a world of bewildering change, but if – as research indicates – people have come to feel a strong sense of connection to their neighbours, then our church “Good News Garden” is very timely.


With every blessing




Rev Jeongsook Kim

I pray that we may all stay strong in our faith,  help each other in every possible way, and look forward to the day when we can also resume singing our hymns ( loudly!) once again.

Please stay safe and may God bless you all !

Rev Jeongsook Kim