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Action for Children

Our Action for Children Support Group Action for Children Sponsored Walkraises funds which are passed on to the local region of the national charity Action for Children.


This will be on Friday March 15.
We are looking for people in teams of 4 to 6.
You are welcome to come as an individual; we will find a team for you to join.

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Recent Events


This was held on Friday November 10 
and Saturday November 11.
Nearly £1800 was raised for Action for Children.


This was held on Friday October 20 at 7:30pm and included a Ploughman's Supper.

Over 90 people enjoyed the concert and more than £900 was raised for Action for Children.

Online Photo Competition - August 2023

This has now finished.

Click here for more information.


This online event was completed on April 1.

The prize numbers were:

First Prize       - 25

Second Prize - 23

Congratulations to the people who chose those numbers and thanks to all the participants.

JIGSAW FAIR – November 2022

Saturday, 19 November 9 am, and the members of ACTION FOR CHILDREN SUPPORT GROUP, with their partners, families and friends were all ready to welcome buyers.

500 or so jigsaws were set out and available to purchase; the coffee was on and a great selection of cakes was ready. Before 9:30 people were beginning to queue in the porch, and finally the doors were open and they streamed in!

It was a bright sunny day and everyone seemed happy and friendly as they browsed among the jigsaws, even the two dogs! There was an amazingly wide variety of puzzles, some very challenging, such as the Rosetta Stone – very grey! Many took advantage of the tea/coffee and mouth-watering cakes and enjoyed a relaxing sit-down between their browsing. The raffle and the treasure hunt based on a large jigsaw were also popular.

It was a hard-working day for everyone involved, but the total raised of over £2000 (and counting) made it all really worthwhile.

Thanks to all who came to the event, all who made up jigsaws over the past few months, all who worked so enthusiastically on the day, and particularly to Nicky and Nigel who had done so much organisation, cataloguing etc. Very many who attended commented on the general professionalism of the whole event.

We had many people who had been before. This will become a regular event – so here’s to the next time!

ECO FAIR – July 2022

The Action for Children group and the Eco group combined to make this an unusual and exciting day.

We filled the church area and the outside with activities and stalls – both provided by ourselves and by visitors with whom we hope to have made a lasting connection.

We may not have had thousands going through but we certainly met people we had never seen before, many of them families with pushchairs – and we also certainly made a good deal of money for Action for Children. Yes, people bought things!

There were refreshments all day from 11am until 4pm and the ice cream was QUALITY. Nigel had bicycles that if you pedalled furiously provided smoothies – delicious even if shocking pink. The eyes of our Spanish students showed hushed amazement as they passed by – surely another daft thing the English do!

Outside you could learn about Leamington’s cycle paths and plant cardboard tubes with seeds – wild seed packets were also on sale for 50p.

Inside they were filling containers with pasta and granola on behalf of two of our eco shops Core and Zero. Warwickshire Wildlife, a hugely successful organization, rescuing endangered creatures and providing corridors for them to move from one place to another, were in the front porch.


Tropic made eco-friendly skin-care products. Katie Jones made cards and stonecraft products.

There were re-usable party items – and Action 21 would re-cycle anything.

We were especially pleased to see Gillian Grason-Smith who, with her mother Sylvia, used to worship at Dale Street. She makes some highly original, high quality craft products – for example a fabric water-bottle carrier with a shoulder strap.

Then there were stalls run by the two groups, books, plants, pre-loved clothes and re-gifting.

This was a good day – it was great to be given an insight into what clever people do to re-cycle things afresh (Britain is still a nation of crafts people).

And we were also reaching out into the community and being ever so slightly missional!

As usual, there was a great deal of work involved (including Mark hoovering the carpet at the run) but the general feeling was that it was worth the effort.

Hadrian’s Wall Challenge – completed on May 17 2022

We reached the sea at Tynemouth on Tuesday, the final point in our 106-mile walk along Hadrian’s Wall from one side of the country to the other.

We enjoyed staying in varied accommodation, including (former) chicken shed, pig sty and cow barn.

In total we walked over 275,000 steps across the 9 days, fuelled by one or two cafe stops!


In doing so, we have raised over £2000 for AFC, a fantastic result.

Thanks for all your support.

Mark and Paul