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Leamington Spa

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Stargazers, the musical: 18th – 19th January 2019

Stargazers - full cast

We started looking for a musical way back last May and finally decided on Stargazers, by Roger Jones.  However, it only lasted some half hour, so we asked him if he would mind our adding our own script. When we showed it to him he immediately said he would come to a performance, and so became one of our distinguished – and very satisfied – visitors.

The story is how the three wise people travelled to the manger – you know the story, but ours made them real people.  They started their journey for various other reasons but were brought together and diverted in their purposes by a series of text messages that flashed on to the screens. Caspar was an awfully bad poet and spent the entire musical trying to write the chorus to We three kings. He achieved his epiphany when he created the line Heaven sings alleluia and danced weirdly to it. The wise people had no presents and had to make do with what they were carrying. Our Mary was a feisty lady and Joseph was clearly having problems adapting to the role of a modern father.

The message: Herod tried to impress on us that he was the King, and Caspar mistakenly wrote We three kings, but what they discovered was that there was only one King, and he came without servants and palaces – and his name was Jesus.

The music: Roger Jones originally wrote Stargazers for a school production, and the songs were catchy and easy to sing once you had mastered the words. We stuck mostly to unison singing and accompanied with piano, bass and percussion. A flute helped to create the atmosphere of the stable and the manger.

There were three performances and we attracted audiences totalling nearly 300.  


The wise people and their servant, Blisters, reach Herod’s palace, while Herod and a scribe look on.

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