Dale Street Methodist Church

Leamington Spa

Recent Events

Zoom Quiz

Our Action for Children support group held an online quiz on March 1. Nigel was the host and there were 60 questions in 7 rounds.

Questions ranged from “Who has won the most Oscars?” to “What kind of beans do you find in a tin of baked beans?”.

It was a most enjoyable occasion and raised over £220 for Action for Children.

Thanks to everyone who supported this event.

Christmas 2020

Family Crib Service

What a different Christmas it was this year.

A family crib service was held outside in the car park (picture) which had a fabulous atmosphere in the dark.

Many people went to the circuit Drive-In Carol services at Stoneleigh.

We were open on Christmas Day to show a pre-recorded service and had live music outside which was enjoyed by passers-by.

Festive Bake – December 2020

And the winner is – Action for Children

In December our volunteer bakers came up with a tempting list of their signature Christmas bakes for our Festive Bake to Order project. Customers were able to select from seasonal favourites including mince pies, chocolate log, fruit cake and truffles. There were cakes, biscuits and swirls full of festive flavours such as cranberry and orange, lemon, ginger and marzipan. After placing an order on the website or by telephone customers made a donation to AfC and awaited delivery on Saturday 12 December.

We had orders from 19 households, which added up to nearly 60 bakes. The bakers were very busy in their kitchens that week! On delivery day the customers were delighted to see volunteers arriving at the doorstep with their goodies and it was most definitely a delicious teatime that day!

Thank you to everyone who supported this venture with their time, skills, ingredients and donations. We raised £342 for Action for Children.

While this was going on, the Action for Children Support group were running an online Raffle.
21 people entered, raising just under £200.

Action for Children Photo Competition, August 2020

Our Action for Children Support Group ran this online competition during August. Entries were invited from two age ranges in four categories:

  • Photos with a caption
  • Lockdown
  • Nature
  • People
We received 192 entries and the judges chose one picture from each category, 
an overall winner in the adult categories and an overall winner in the junior categories.

You can see their choices here.

A total of £219.14 was been raised for Action for Children by this event.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the competition.
The judges stressed that the high standard of the entries meant that they had a difficult job to do.

VE Day 75, May 2020

When our church was closed, some of our younger people collected memories from VE Day and put up a display in the porch.
You can see the pictures and memories here.

Informal Worship, January 2020

On 26th January a small group started worshipping at 9.15am on a Sunday morning.
We are delighted to have seen an average congregation of 7 children and 12 adults over the 7 weeks to mid-March.

The worship is relaxed, interactive and intimate.

Our candle

We open worship by lighting the candle and close by blowing it out.

We sing a mixture of modern worship songs through to more traditional hymns or children’s songs.

We have prayed with bubble wrap and discussed in intergenerational groups about what we want to pray about.
Even the adults have learnt (and remembered) that ‘the purpose of parables is to pass on principles’.   

Pearls         Pearls    The island

Here’s what some of the children attending have to say:

  • I like the crafts.
  • It's fun. I love all of the stories.
  • I liked the paddling pool with sand and jewels.
  • It’s mainly children and I find it more fun.
  • Each week I wonder which story we are going to learn about.


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